Sinotruk saves exports introductory conference in Urumqi

On 16 June, and Sinotruk Sinotruk sales Urumqi Management 2009 Conference Introduction Products Export Urumqi Turkestan foreign trade market. In total, more than 200 people, including employees of some foreign trade companies attended by delegates from Sinotruk dealers and major customers of foreign delegates at the conference.

At the conference, the sales manager of Sinotruk Wang Defu Urumqi branch of the situation Sinotruk and improvement of the situation in detail finishing products.

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The woman said, to mature, not subtlety.
A mature woman, have a kind of learned not to sexy.
It is the accumulation of experience, experience of the precipitation.
Shrewdness of a woman, use some of the stupid little smart.
Do not forget, people beyond the mountains there.

Woman said that to domineering, not overbearing.
A domineering woman, the gas field to influence others.
But the gas market, used to infect other people, rather than overwhelming.
A high-handed woman, remember to Germany for the first reasoning.
Rogue who will, you can pungent, but to know bragging.

The woman said, to self-love, not self-pity.
Self-love of a woman, will know how to love others.
Really love your man, will require you to first love yourself.
A woman self-pity, not love, only hate.
Not learn courage, blindly Advantages and Disadvantages not worth sympathy.

Woman said to be independent, not arbitrary.
An independent woman, refused blind obedience and attachment.
Will respect the views of others, will retain its own principles, chic and sharp.
An assertive woman, refused to listen and to share in good faith.
Do not blindly deny others, to remember that self-confidence and ego are two different things.

Said the woman, be strong, do not try to be brave.
A strong woman, a strong heart to withstand extremely heavy weight.
Who does not love does not flow with the excess tears.
A woman try to be brave, suffering, tired people.
Learn to listen to the voice of heart, humility is not weakness, are not subject to compromise.

The woman said, to style, not dust.
Style of a woman, thought-provoking.
Have their own taste and style, capable of distinguishing between elegant and vulgar.
A kept woman, annoying.
Do not only talk about feasting, exposed the shallow and disregard.

Woman said to be calm, not cold.
A cool woman, with enough cool head.
Can recognize human distance, you can recognize misunderstandings.
A cold woman, less modest, and do not understand compromise.
As with other-worldly air, not because it had the misfortune to miss the scenery better.

The woman said, it’s time to grow up.
Woman said, we will happy.

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change your mood

1, if you feel powerless, it should be firmly rejected any additional overtime.
2, with twelve intimate friends.
3, do not make mistakes after excessive guilt.
4, face reality, because to avoid the problem will only increase the psychological burden, and finally makes the mood more tense.
5, do not have everything, always self-blame.
6, there are some grievances may wish to tell somebody bends.
7, often reminded of their own: the relaxation relaxed.
8, the less “must”, “will” and other hard words.
9, for some trivial little things might any of its natural.
10, do not neglect loved ones.
11, learn to “reason” to treat people.
12, the setbacks or failures in life experiences as an integral part of the inevitable.
13, the implementation of a plan, preferably in advance of anticipated bad results may occur.
14, has been very busy in the case, would not have to worry about foreign affairs for those copies.
15 albums often read, review the warm time.
16, and often enjoy comedy, but should learn to tell a joke.
17, should be a warm bath every night.
18, the bedroom has always placed flower.
19, loved to listen to music appreciation.
20, to the park or garden walk.
21, recall the happiest life experience.
22, together outing.
23, and guard against alcohol and tobacco.
24, invited cheerful, humorous partner a poly.
25, for 5 minutes reverie





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that is……

The first sentence:
Interpretation is always extra, people do not understand you, you do not understand people who do not need.
Second sentence:
Usually willing to fight to stay with you who truly love you.
The third sentence:
To pay really, really will be, but it may hurt the most thorough. Distance, in order to protect themselves, but also destined never lonely.
The fourth sentence:
Sometimes, not the other side do not care about you, but you see each other too seriously, or think you are very important for the TA.
Fifth sentence:
A friend is to see through you, but also people like you. True friends know you a little morethan you should.
Sixth sentence:
Even believe, the middle there lie.
Seventh sentence:
Real friends, not together, there is endless talk about it, but with none, will not feelembarrassed.
Eighth sentence:
The other half is not 100 points, only five are the two people, make up a couple hundred points.
Ninth sentence:
Sad and happy for you, called the enemy. Happy and happy for you, ask their friends.Sorry for you and sad that those should be rest assured that in person.
Tenth sentence:
Indifference, and sometimes are not heartless, just a tool to avoid being hurt.
Tenth one:
For the world is concerned, you are a person. But for the love of your people, you are all his, the whole world.
Twelfth sentence:
Do not for those who do not want to spend time on you people
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Fate, happiness

Sometimes, we see fate is too simple, in fact, I think fate really is a very mysterious, very profound thing, a big crowd, the vast world, many people, there are many roads, and you and I, This happens in many the only way in which selected road, but why in that many people spend a lifetime identified with each other is only that the person, which, how this is not easy ah. We can not cherish it? Sometimes, we think happiness again too complex, and I think happiness is really very simple, quiet morning, get up early to prepare a meal for the family, a simple breakfast, a bowl of hot milk, a few soft vain of bread, a dish of pickles crisp and refreshing, you can praise in exchange for his family’s eyes and smile, the heart of the surge is a kind of gentle ah. Simple without any decoration, but feel happy luxury. Morning to go out, you a brief “on the road carefully,” is sent to the kind of care and care, even if the cool earth’s weather, warmth remain in my heart, warm my day, tired, tired, even if the work , home tired, I do not have any complaints. Many times, I get the feeling of getting in such a clear understanding, therefore, no longer trace the fate of the mysterious, never go to explore the appearance of happiness. Just go with the flow in such a gradually understand: fate and happiness is a kind of opportunity which can not things, they are invisible, but it can feel that they have no voice, but hear it. Is also called plain warm, trivial also happy. Good treasure, serious feelings, happy moments around you and around me. Heard such a song: “The stars in the sky, not why the light, written in the heart, communicated with silence, quietly staring at the sky do not speak, in the heart sing, depicting the appearance of the soul, then sorrow is not undefended, on pass with the impression, to visualize the happiness of the weight, not necessarily grasp the eyes of hope in my hands, they rely on the impression glance, to guess the shape of happiness … ” If you want more long-term love, more love if you want to love yourself, then you do more business! Let the world’s lovers to get married, go on! Thank you, I wish you happiness! If there are not better than his do not lightly reject him, try to accept, perhaps you will find him good. Otherwise, one day you will regret it oh. Do not put your fate lies in other people; rely on themselves to grasp; have their own ideals; stick to it; life does not make life difficult for the Hom, life does not solve the problem. Believe in yourself, if you hard to understand. Hard to love, in fact, every day wonderful, infinite love, love on your side! Do not you love to hate a person, not to ask reasons for breaking up, pleading not to compound the possibility of turning the body, understand that is really to make yourself happy. Love is not air and water, there is no will not be able to survive, so do not abandon the principle of self-esteem lost to maintain. A man must stand the lie, stand the perfunctory, we resist cheating, forget it promises, let go of all, last fall with a laugh to disguise the tears, hold back the tears to remember more, the more will become happy medicine All outcomes are a new beginning; but we were not aware of nothing. . . You can hand in a treasure to remember when, when in need do not hesitate to break up. To “afford to take, put it down.” Disguised form of self-torture, like a wounded beast, but keep in tear their wounds, so that the wound stop bleeding … … Do not choose love, love will persist. True happiness is a little bit strive to achieve is accumulated day by day. Know the time can not stay, there is no need Spring and Autumn. Impossible to know the feelings of deliberate, not for whom Xunsimihuo. Put a little light heart, and then light a little, not so much to set their own knot, peace of mind also. Heart let go, anything good The most full of happiness is a person remember; the most happiness is to enjoy a care; most tired when someone recognizes your hard work pay; deepest feelings is extraordinary in this day did not forget each other’s greetings, , I said. I often disgruntled not because it is really angry. Just hate to be ignored.

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for girls

1, a woman, you do day by day at an object, just like raising a father, do not forget, the man on the tube, the woman used. Can not be reversed, so why would he doing? Women are human beings, do not own wrong people.

2, women, and objects you do not get angry on a crying two busy three hanging. 90 men do not eat after this. He really thought he should not marry non-Arab. People indifferent perfunctory, treat you as a Diao A. Got to see Jerusalem, cool him and let him know if you are wrong in front of you is his fault.

3, a woman you have to understand a man to see his face. Do not upset that their man. You say that twitter poured out, I really thought he was bitch Ah, man this time is that you do not need to accompany born, and you are not fighting birds come.

4, a woman you do not look any man in camp on subsidizing the rich and handsome, a man like you did not say before, you have to leave their self-esteem, pride point, say people that has a wife and you have to engage in loose woman. What you pretty woman, remember, yes, but where’s the meet.

5, soft-hearted woman is not a bad thing, but ears were hard up. The man said a few good words you do not know ye beautiful, so Karma Ha you did. Keep in mind strategy. Letter before bed, then a third man, do not go to bed, when to speak, then the whole letter, go to bed later, the love between you better if you continue, or it has gone bad.

6, a woman is important that gentle, but also a little temper, is not playing is pain, love curse of the times, to call you when your ambition Zhang points, hit you, you have to point the face sheets. Those who are there for the first time there is a second, you can play again, he played second Genghen.

7, the women also have to Zhang points in mind, hear the words of the line is a line of men, but not what he said is what. This head and your vows, the other end and you flirt, do not listen to his explanation. Explanation is to cover, must be ruthless to the point, so he never engaged in loose woman’s heart.

8, a woman, remember six words. Quality, content, polite. This is a woman must, you do day by day, mother’s mouth closed. Really think their voice is amplified on the markets of Ouba sanga. Do women show their temperament. Men will like it.

9, a woman, you mean you do not gentle personality, remember that they are not cash machines. Call her husband to pay this or that, you go to pay. Ah you are at the object. A son is raised. People give you a penny to spend it? He is too poor to feed themselves even after ye keep you? You have to hang up a tree?

10, a woman capable if not optimistic about their own men. Prove that you do not fit him. His unrestrained debauchery happy, worried that he thought had like two hundred and fifty at home like you? Make a phone call wife fart music Britain, he said, Why do not lead you there? Do not self-righteous that he was not embarrassed with a woman. He was afraid that after seeing the other woman also ye ganging up? You see this man live, not leave. Injured only himself.

11, a woman. If a man is not thought to lead you into his circle of communication. It shows that he would like and you really get along with zero percent chance. You do not have to asking questions of him. He will use lies and hypocrisy, then stall you see the facts. Find a better than he is stronger than anything.

12, a woman than if you run into a bed for the purpose of man, must be called without looking back how far he rolled far, no matter how their loved him, he does not love you this is a fact, even if he has one thousand like putting a good, that disadvantage is that you fatal injuries. There are a good man, this one is not bad.

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to see who you miss

To see the person you want to see it
While now then again
When we miss a person
Should not hesitate to see her

To see the person you want to see it
Just take advantage of the sun
Noise does not take advantage of the breeze
Flowers not yet open to the tea while millet

To see the person you want to see it
While still young
You can also go a long way
Can tell the deep, deep thoughts

To see the person you want to see it
While the world is not so crowded
While the aircraft took off have not yet
To see the person you want to see it
Memory can also be present to take advantage of past
Time now to take advantage of your pictures have not swallowed

To see the person you want to see it
Can now take advantage of their own hands to embrace each other
While we still breathing
If I think you
I will walk ten miles road
Turned five mountain
Times the two rivers
To embrace you

To see the person you want to see it
Do not meet the fantasy scene
How words do not have anxiety

To see the person you want to see it
While he still alive
While she was still alive

To see the person you want to see it
Do not care about the distance between the two
While joking also kind enough to let you cherish

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heart is like tea

And were met by a little fate, and the people that live by the faith, and people rely on is a genuine intersection Need to recall the years, friends need to get together; fate need occasional, need to extend the life; the come and go go, it does not matter feasting. Happiness always accompanied with generous people, wealth, accompanied by the total person with integrity, wisdom and noble people total accompanied, charm and humor of people accompanied the total. Not always the best, and not see is always beautiful, the dream is always perfect, and I hope more and more disappointed with the more slowly the recollection of past events can only keep, people always want to live in in reality, is not it? Light to light to light to get along has been to give a quiet quiet; quietly to watch quietly go quietly to have to give a relaxed calm. Approached the Mind can listen to the beating heart, approached the hot emotions can feel the emotion, approached to experience the dignity of the noble dignity, tolerance can be approached to experience the broad tolerance. Understanding is the breeze, smiling is a gift, is a bridge to understand, appreciate a bunch of flowers. Red see through, but floating and sinking; life came to a realization, however, is uncertain; love see through, but everything is learn to understand is to appreciate the vision to see each other, rather than self-righteous concern to manage each other. Do not take yourself too too high, the world will not change because of you; Do not take yourself too low, your world is wonderful because of you. Smile is a kind of relax, smile is a kind of feeling, a smile is the kind of state, is a kind of tolerant smile, a smile is the kind of life. Not earth-shattering life, happiness is like; friendship, no sweet talk, and think like; money without fighting vehicle, good enough; friends all over the world do not have you like. Speculative thinking, thinking of the truth; moral sense of moral good; civilization and culture, the beauty of literary talent. There are problems to know what is happiness, there is pain and understand what is happiness, fails to have the proceeds of the good treasure to treasure, decided to abandon the abandoned, since the pain can not be avoided, let us laugh at life! Escape does not avoid them, do not give up the most uncomfortable; know how to give people who find happiness, people who know how to find a sincere friend. If you feel happy and healthy will often; if you are cheerful, bright eyes will be one; if you always contented, you will feel happy; if you do not care about fame and fortune, you will feel all the best. Reading, the pursuit of peace of mind; Lianbi, record the beauty of life; piano, feel the music the mood; the Internet, enjoy modern civilization. No matter how time stretches, so the truth always; regardless of how things change, so that tolerance always; either close by or the sky, so beautiful forever; whether happy or sad, so blessed forever Man simply point, try to point things; thought simple point, the point of seeking scarce; treat mild, and finally modest point. Ring – a boat without shore; network – a vast ocean; looking for – great boundless world; friends – knew them destined; honest – show network romantic; friends – always honest. The greatest mistake is healthy for worldly possessions, the greatest tragedy in life is life in exchange for personal troubles, the biggest waste of life, life is made to solve their own problems. Therefore, housing a wide width as the heart, peace of mind than the body safe! Moonlight is beautiful, not as friends, comfort, beautiful stars, not as a decorative friendship, beautiful night, not as precious friendship. Wisdom immeasurable, boundless chess surgery; truth silent, impermanence of life; music unbounded, calm the mind without injury.

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it is life

To bother, do not forget to smile; then anxious, but also pay attention to the tone;
No matter how tough, do not forget to adhere to; tired, have to love yourself.
Low-key life, you will sound every time; high-profile work, you will fine every time.
Do not forget the success of the past; Do not forget the failure of a future.
Expected to get to work, no hope do not mind, it will look good, win or lose attitude.
Life is not a single line, a road leads nowhere, you can turn.
The chemical composition of tears and sweat are similar, but the former only in exchange for your sympathy, the latter can you win success.
Growing old is compulsory in life, become mature and it is optional.
To exercise-oriented, learn healthy; to repair into the oriented, learn knowledge;
To Jinde oriented, learn; to adapt oriented, learn to survive.
Four basic principles of life: how to choose and learn to give up, loneliness, and can withstand the temptation.
When everyone is low-key, you can high-profile, but not out of tune.
Learn to forget the life of the technology, learn to smile is the art of living.
What is the good work: one does not affect the lifestyle, the second does not affect the family reunion, the three feed their families.
Lazy like, like rust, consumes more than physical exertion.
The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up.
Philosophers worry, the wise man always happy. Not because he loved all have, but everything he owned love.
Life has never lost a few things: self-made power, cool-headed, hope and confidence.

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Basic principles of interaction with others

1, to use his mind to speak, work and prudent, so much useless, the mouth is a speaker only, usually must pay attention to the supervision, control knobs and a good FM sound control switch, or give yourself a lot of trouble. Do not just momentary gratification speech, lip service, smiling faces that people give you is to enjoy the endless pit of the stomach to dig out all speak the words of the child, the results and let people find out the real situation completely. Also laugh at you unawares.

2, failing not to rush to conclusions, even with the answer should be, etc., there may be a better solution, different viewpoints have different answers, we must learn transposition of thinking, especially in times of trouble , be sure to learn to wait, lean against, a lot of time not only to resolve the trouble, says no good luck came.

3, the villain must be patient, take a step backward, it is not their own space to give them, let them revel it as the joy of spring-like. As the saying goes a large measure of the NPC, not the mundane in my heart, rat stomach Intestinal villain, a villain on the other with the mess in trouble, under the sun a few top villain untouchables. Until now I thought a better way to defeat the villain, do not know at arm’s length is feasible.

4, there is no reason to love this troubled world, there is no reason to hate, do not comment on any person, be aware of it. The reason the so-called coffin more than simply a rush. No one has a theoretical basis to define good and bad guys come, in fact, interest in the issue.

5, only that part of the money spent is the real part of your wealth, you are home bound million consistent, when students want to eat, want to wear, both eyes closed, you know who the rest of the money spent strange, not injustice injustice. There are those who live frugally corrupt officials, senior officials do not do good, the result back into poverty due to corruption, it did not cost a penny to catch also confiscated personal property, does not suffer badly.

6, doing things must first establish the moral bottom line, the thief also clear some things must not steal. So things absolutely do not do absolutely, adding insult to injury is absolutely not to do things, and give them to the escape route is equivalent to their own forward.

7, for those who often find trouble even bully you, able to be tolerated, no need to make life difficult time with Mangfu, but must give him save the new old grudges accumulated hatred, justice and truth belong to you, then aimed at the opportunity to thoroughly teach him some time, within the jurisdiction conferred by law, the whole Kill, Kill beat, so that kid will always remember: In addition to your father, no one you used these foul problems.

8, easy to hide the gun, stab in the back hard against the villain behind the calculation you will never disappear, it is with Chinese characteristics, the villain can not offend, the same villain is unforgivable, it is eternal truths, final analysis of small people are determined to a small side, to treat such a person to steady, accurate, relentless, you can pretend nothing happened, peace and harmony, all is well, and then to a out at large, stealing, fire with fire, so that kid know: the villain is not who can do, good people have a level difficult to do the same villain.

9, to treat people who love you have to respect and love you for a reason, do not ask why, while acceptable to use extra care rewards, but do not deceive other people’s feelings, love is the most precious wealth, this is your money does not come with wealth. Do not ring true impact on the family business, but do not let a family dispute influence career. Do not cost effective, family and career are affected, or even loss. A man to carry the good things, we should swallow tears. Remember: people underestimate the emotional equivalent to contempt to pay themselves, Wanwusangzhi, playing German people were killed, love is a virtue.

10, behind the praise of your people, know to treasure in the heart, there is little water.Called flattering praise you face to face, and then called some nasty curry favor, you can laugh it off, on when nothing happened, may soon have to ask for you, praise you for the kind of people in public, on the incredible negligence, you may turned on with a finger poke you, grasp the principle: every person more derogatory own, less praise others, except when pre-election appraised.

11, some people used to account for your little cheap, villain small intestines, large measure the people’s congresses have the chance to pit him a big, out of a large blood, let him also remember: the world is simply no free lunch, how cheap white pick you make.Small favors save more is a big hole if they accept must find opportunities to return next spring look Xia Bank, pay is to harvest, in fact, a simple relationship between seed and fruit. Do not let the innocent to harm, remember: Life is like a play, are looking for a balance of interests, only the balance of the game possible to play down.

12, suffering from mental illness is not liable, and can be no reason to bite you, so treat mad-class people to keep a respectful distance, remain between, do not communicate, step back, space, and I believe is a crazy personality , though not worthy of respect, but the existence of its own truth, and ultimately the food chain ring.

13, of tourists make it a life, after all as long as with people, people with morals, far away from non-point, by his family near point, there will be some peace of mind, with the pleasant. Optimistic attitude from tolerance, from the generous, from understanding, from the madding crowd. Bad mood is when the torture out of sleep, in fact, reality is not as bad as you think life has peaks and troughs, there is no smooth sailing in life, how to Deng Xiaoping, ups and downs, the last is not everything he says goes.

14, the so-called good and evil only fate is nothing more than two, cherish the good, and do not absolutely reject the evil, I believe that is the edge of the right pass, nearly 60 million people around the world, who is not easy to hit, so the encounter evil edge, but also try to tolerance, to the other party a chance, can not come up on the total negation.

15, interaction with others to position itself, can not think of myself as old people, old and when to take their leadership, the old think of myself as rich, the old thought he was Lover, always feel good about themselves, even if there is a really small, performance striking, but also cautious, open-minded, to knowing too much, in fact, the ultimate outcome is the same, but you look at their own complex, to be saying: do not give yourself too seriously

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